What is change management?

Change control is the process by which all requests to vary the approved baseline of a project, programme or portfolio are captured, evaluated and then approved, rejected or deferred.

Change management is of particular significance when the project is part of a larger programme or portfolio because the consequential effects of unmanaged change could also be far-reaching within the deliberate change environment and to business-as-common activities.

The project professional implements the next steps to manage change:

Log change request in a change register (or log).

Initial evaluation where the change is reviewed.

Detailed evaluation where the impact on baseline success criteria, benefits, scope, quality, time, resources, prices, risks, stakeholder engagement or another criteria essential to achieving the business case are considered.

A advice is made to the sponsor and/or wider governance board to approve, reject or defer the change.

The plan is up to date is a change is approved.

Implementation where the necessary actions are taken and monitored.

It is important to differentiate change control from the wider discipline of change management. Change control is a subset of overall change administration and it is beneficial to not mix up the language. Change management is a structured approach to move an organisation from a current state to a future desired state.

Change requests may come up as a result of points that happen from the administration of work or external sources. Issues that end in changes to scope or every other part of the baseline plan are progressed by means of change control.

Any success criteria that have to be modified at any time within the project life cycle are topic to approval by way of change control. Formal change control is required when tolerances are breached

Change management is of particular significance when the project is part of a bigger programme or portfolio because the consequential effects of unmanaged change could also be far-reaching within the deliberate change atmosphere and to business-as-common activities.

Change management contains 5 phases:

Proposing a Change

Summary of Impact


Implementing a Change

Closing a Change

There are two documents used throughout the process:

Change Log: used to provide a document of all changes requested and choices made

Change Request Kind: used to document particulars of the change, together with the business case

1. Proposing a Change

This process provides the ability for anyone within the project staff (including the client) to counsel a change to the project. The proposal must include a description of the change and expected benefits or other reason for the change. The change is offered using the Change Request Kind and added to the Change Log for the project.

2. Abstract of Impact

This process is carried out by the project manager, who will consider the overall effect on the project, covering the following items:

Quantifiable value savings and benefits

Legal, regulatory or different unquantifiable reason for change

Estimated price of the change

Impact on timescales

Extra resources needed

Impact on different projects and enterprise activities

New risks and issues

After this assessment, the project manager recommends whether or not to hold out the change.

3. Decision

This process includes a assessment of the change request by an approved authority who will consider all the information provided by the project manager and person making the request. The decision will usually be:


Settle for with comments and special conditions


Defer (change is not approved, but is left for consideration later)

4. Implementing a Change

If the change is approved it is planned, scheduled and executed at a time agreed with the stakeholders.

As part of the planning, a regression test plan is required in case the change needs to be backed out.

After implementation, it is usual to hold out a put up-implementation review.

5. Closing a Change

As soon as applied, the requester checks and agrees on the change, and it is closed within the Change Log by the project manager.

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