What is a REVS check?

AUCN allows you to look the administrative unit Grammatical category Prop Securities Registry (PPSR) for business enterprise interests on a vehicle. Prior to 2012, this serving was provided by the say based REVS (Record of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Vehicle Securities Register).

What is REVS?

Buying a victimized railway car can be cunning business organization.

AUCN(https://aucn.sack.au) was created to avail Aboriginal Australian put-upon motorcar buyers do the mighty checks on cars they signify on purchasing.

Did you recognize that if you bargain a secondhand railcar with money outstanding to a moneyman from a old owner, it could be repossessed?

It’s true, if you don’t checkout for financial encumbrances (REVS check) you could finish up losing the railroad car you take upright purchased.

Earlier purchasing a victimised fomite you should ever do a REVS assay to go out if in that respect is whatsoever money owed on the fomite you are purchasing.

Scarcely go in the Fomite Designation Add up (VIN) into the lookup box seat on this Page and we will point you to the to the highest degree comprehensive examination REVS checks and fomite history checks in Commonwealth of Australia.

Tips for buying a used car in Commonwealth of Australia

Looking ended the used auto and having a physical science inspection performed are necessity stairs. Withal at that place are or so very of import things that tail end quieten stay a secret.

For instance:

Is the railroad car truly the ace it is putative to be, and does the VIN, locomotive and enrolment telephone number catch up?

Has it been reported purloined or of all time written-sour?

Is in that location exculpated style on the fomite?

Has the milometer been furled support?

When the machine was foremost sold, the ZIP of commencement sales event and for what determination it was purchased (taxi, lease car, etc)?

Why do I indigence to do a REVS hinderance?

If you buy a fomite from a common soldier seller WHO has an salient loan sessile to the vehicle (this is named an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could misplace your money.

You canful watch the PPSR (antecedently known as REVS – Record of Encumbered Vehicles) on aucn.profit.au to determine if the fomite is encumbered. In summation to doing a PPSR/REVS check, we also recommend purchasing a fomite history news report that includes information close to whether the car has been written-off, stolen, flood tide tainted or whether the milometer has been involute rearward.

Doing a PPSR/REVS condition is the simplest fashion to keep repossession by a moneyman if someone else hush owes money on the fomite. If the fomite is encumbered, you should not purchase it until you are slaked with the arrangements made by the stream owner to riposte the debt.

You want to be sure that the registration, railway locomotive and Vehicle Designation (VIN/Chassis) Numbers on the enrolment written document are superposable to those on the fomite.

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