The Perfect Pipeline: How to Fill, Nurture, and Convert Leads to Grow Your Loan Business

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We have been having a lot of conversations with lenders and brokers lately about how to get more leads and grow their business. One of the most popular questions is what do I do to grow my business online?

To build your business loan, you don’t need viral content and other bright, shiny marketing tactics being promoted today.

What you need is the perfect pipeline.

We know, because We walked this same path growing our business loans clients.

On our journey, we went through many challenges of getting in front of the right prospects, nurturing them and persuade them to become customers. It wasn’t a perfect course getting to the perfect pipeline. But if you learn from our journey & the testing results, you’ll likely get there in half the time, possibly shaving 2 years of heartache and $3–5k of investment off your own journey.

How to Build the Perfect Pipeline for Your Loan Business?

You may be reading this article because there’s a mountain you want to climb. There’s something you want to accomplish, but it’s hard and you’re looking for guidance.

If that’s you, We want you to understand something: There’s no one way to climb a mountain and reach your business goals.

Our experience will give you some guidance. But We want you to realize that this is only one path up the mountain. We’ll show you what We’ve done, but you need to adapt these lessons to your own brand.

To begin, We’ll show you how we started closing more loans for our clients. Then We’ll tell you about the turning point, the moment when We realized how precarious our success was. And We’ll wrap up by telling you how we adjusted to smooth our climb and scale our growth.

The secret is to balance momentum and recklessness: forward momentum to climb but being careful to avoid a wipe-out.

Balancing Momentum and Recklessness

When We began working with loan brokers & their lenders, we had 3 areas of focus: content creation, premium content, and lead generation.

As you can see, our focus was inbound marketing. And our services were simply a reproduction of normal digital marketing strategy.

We also offered 3 monthly packages: Fast, Faster, and Fastest.

And having great experience

None of this was bad, but it wasn’t the perfect fit for us. Then, to exacerbate the problem, we were checking their old methods of closing leads as our clients were buying online leads and they realized that online leads today are not what they used to be

Lenders (especially new lenders) have become frustrated. They just don’t know what the correct thing to do is.

As a loan business, you may say what’s now? You’re hungry, trying to learn, and searching for the golden ticket to facilitate growth. And looking for applying these online services into your business aiming that online leads will run to ask for your service.

Don’t do what our clients first did.

One of our very special clients asked us to create campaigns and generate leads for him so he can make some money & then keep investing online aiming his growth. We went through his business online consultation and by getting all of the statues gathered it wasn’t a good idea to jump like this “as the number 1 reason we addressed for him was his weak online profile which will let people ignore him and seek others”

When you generate online leads, collect them & call them back without reflecting your brand authenticity and nurture these leads over time & let them interact with your loan business, you lose momentum & waste your money. And when you publish aggressively to collect more, you muddy your message, again, sapping momentum because your strengths don’t stand out as easily.

You can see this in our early growth pattern.

Our client had moments when he was able to close a loan and figuring things out, but it wasn’t a growth system. He was likely within his learning phase

The good news started showing up earlier this 2ndquarter of 2019 and that was when planned a specific Growth system for him depends on his business needs.

Creating an Ascension Path

We started by creating what we called Digivizo Business Loan Marketing Growth System.

We’ve first made sure of building the following

  • A specific/clear sales funnel
  • Optimized social channels

And by then we were able to start building the relationship with his audience by creating the most relevant content to his business type and get audience to start interacting with his channels, then we created his own campaigns and utilized the power of Facebook & its pixel “a piece of code that Facebook is offering to let you track your audience once they access your campaigns”

Here you go what happened!

Image “a chart of old & new growth”


By having the right Marketing Strategy executed and leads going into his pipeline In a sales call, prospects quickly identify their biggest need. Our client only need to ask them, “What kind of loan are you looking for?” and then take them through his pre-qualification process.

We want you to notice something else. This graphic isn’t a brochure. It’s a sales tool.

When we use this piece during a sales call, there’s no hard sell. In fact, our clients sell themselves, and we move through the sales conversation faster.

Bottom Line

Most marketing tactics you read about today are just bright, shiny objects. They may create viral campaigns, but they’ll likely put you in the friend zone.

To grow your business in less time and with less investment, you need to build an ascension path and create a powerful funnel.

You can double the size of your brand. But learn from our previous challenges. Work smarter, not harder, and you’ll enjoy the journey up the mountain.

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