Teachers and new generation farmers, Nong Bua Lamphu raises gamecocks for sale online. unusual income

A new generation of farmers or smart farmers? They are young people aged 17-45 years who are knowledgeable in many fields. If they help these people succeed, they will be role models and expand the results for farmers in the community as well.

Burmese fighting cock, horse mule

Ms. Watchara Pengpophan or Kru Ko, 29 years old, residing at 183 Village No. 2, Ban Non Tan, Non Muang Sub-district, Non Sang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province, telephone 093-332-8944, is a teacher at the rate of Ban Huai Bong School, Village No. 5, Non Subdistrict. Mueang Non Sang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province and also a new generation of farmers in Nong Bua Lamphu

Mr. Watchara told me that graduated with a bachelor’s degree Visual Arts Loei Rajabhat University At present, the main occupation is a teacher at the wage rate of Ban Huai Bong School, Village No. 5, Non Muang Sub-district, Non Sang District, volunteering for permission to teach and applying to be a new generation of farmers. Because the district agriculture persuaded and saw that it was a good opportunity to study and learn new things. agriculture and have a network of new generation of farmers together

Inspiration for turning attention to raising gamecocks

Starting from the family already engaged in agriculture. especially sugarcane farming Each year, about 50 rai of sugarcane are planted. Over the past several years, the price has dropped. As a result, the planting area is reduced to about 20 rai, but this year, fortunately, the price is at a good level. coupled with insufficient income from teaching for household expenses, therefore looking for an additional career by doing many farming Introduce the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great came to practice such as growing Japanese sweet potatoes, sweet corn, various vegetables, and many others, especially gamecocks. Therefore, I have studied for more than a year about gamecocks, what problems and obstacles will be encountered in raising gamecocks. how is the market Who is the market? in order to cause the least failure. Then started raising in May 2020. The first stage was intended to raise a party, which was quite successful. Is to win almost all fights. Out of 10 crashes, you can win up to 7 and draw 3 times.

from doing to crash achieved some level Therefore, there was an idea to make a gamecock market. Therefore imported expensive fighting-grade cocks from the famous booth of Sia Bird S. Mee Suwan from Ayutthaya. Has special features, horse mule style, sharp wounds, using a stump, so the breeders are imported from the aforementioned kiosks for breeding, culling until a good breed is obtained, and then sells them online.

The main breeder costs 50,000 baht (not for sale). 2 time millionaire champion

Currently, there are 11 breeding breeds, 3 breeders as follows:

The main breeders are Chao Krot Nakhi, Chao Ye Black, Chao Chae Four Fight.

The main breeds are

– Daughter of the Black Year Muser + Raida

– Daughter of Yearsing + Rada

– Daughter of Year Zing Rada + Yangtze

– Sabird’s daughter + Beersing

– Sabird’s daughter + Year Talent

– Daughter of Year Khun Chang + Speedboat

– Daughter of Yersa + Saen Muser black

– Daughter Rada + Gift Year

– Daughter of Saen Muser, Black + Rada

– Daughter of Year Bird + daughter of Mahanakorn

public relations techniques When the winner wins each time, it will be publicized through various online media. Make it known to customers and in the sale will have a species certificate for customers as well.

Chao Krot Nakhi, the number 1 breeder of the facade, ตลาดไก่ชน also mixes with Mae Kai Sai Sor Mee Suwan.

farming techniques

After hatching, chicks are left with hens for 7 days and vaccinated against Newcastle disease by eye drop. Then put them in a nursery cage for 1 month and then let them raise them on the ground.

Raising techniques

The young rooster will kick for 10 minutes in the foothills, then a week later, the chickens swim for 5 days (3-5 minutes a day) and then kick another 15 minutes to gain strength in their legs. Give a tonic every morning When the chicken is healthy, it will walk every 5 days (for 25 minutes) or 5 days at a time until the chicken is strong and can’t fly for another 14 days to enter the fighting course.

Run randomly for 20 minutes, fly the hole 50 times, 3 days, walk around once, complete the 12th day, take a chicken break for 2 days, then find a match to enter the arena

Chao Year Dam, who is merging with Mae Kai Sai Sor Meesuwan

farming techniques for sale

By following the advice of the slogan that … has today because of my brother.

Size 2 months old price 1,000 baht per pair (excluding shipping costs) Size 3 months 1,000 baht per pair (excluding shipping costs)

The transport will be sent through a reliable company. It’s a special chicken delivery truck. Each month will have income of ten thousand baht.

The idea of ​​raising gamecocks is

“Chickens…Chickens feed people” We raise chickens first and the chickens will reward us.

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اقرأ المزيد

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