Avoid These 9 Common Dental Marketing Mistakes


Digital marketing is the driving force behind a successful dental practice. However, missteps can drive your practice in the wrong direction. Save yourself time, money, embarrassment, and frustration by avoiding these common marketing pitfalls:

Too much spotlights on service

So you have cutting-edge dental equipment and a new expertise your competitors don’t offer, and you don’t miss a chance to brag about this in your marketing materials. But what about the dental common concerns of your patients? Do you address them in your marketing?

Your patients and what you can do for them should always be the focus of your marketing, not your new-found abilities.

Target the wrong neighborhood

If your practice is a middle-class neighborhood, but your ads are targeting an affluent community 25 miles away, you are wasting a lot of your money.

To attract the right people, limit your marketing efforts to within 10-15 radius of your practice.

Being choosy with you’re marketing channels

So you find social media ads convenient, and you’ve made them a focal point of your marketing strategy. The problem is, there are dozens of other marketing channels that you can take advantage of to ensure maximum exposure. So get off that lazy train and use most-if not all- of the relevant ones for your business

Ignoring Competitors

If pays to know what your competitors is doing or offering because you can match or even top their efforts that way.

Not objectively keeping track of advertising results.

The results of any ad campaign have to be tracked, but objectively. You cannot judge results based on what your staff tells you.You can always use tracking system program that will objectively tell you which patient come from which source. That way, you can drop the approach that isn’t working.

Not maintaining a blog

As long as your blog puts a premium on educating its readers about oral and dental care, a blog can be a powerful tool for marketing your dental practice.

Being your own AD copywriter

Writing a blog is one thing, but ad copywriting is an entirely different animal that requires a particular set of skills. If you’re going to advertise your practice, you should leave the copy in the more capable hands an experienced copywriter.

Sending the same message to different types of patients

One great thing about email marketing is that you can tailor your message specifically to a given group of people. But if you’re sending out the same email to patients of varying needs, you are bound to annoy people. No one who needs a root canal would enjoy reading an email with an offer to make your smile the sexiest it can be.

Sending mobile unfriendly emails

There are now more mobile users than PC users. Your emails should be perfectly readable on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to reach those users.

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