Alicante Villas Provide a Great Choice of Beaches For Catching That Perfect Mediterranean Sun

There are plenty of choices to enjoy your stay in your ALICANTE VILLAS.

The glorious city has such a mild climate which means that its beach life is possible all year round: this is undoubtedly one of the city's stronger points. Alicante has such a mild climate with the mountains at its back and the Mediterranean Sea to the east.

An open beach is the Playa de San Juan: seven kilometres long, with golden sands on one side, it is flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and the main road into Alicante running alongside the main train lines, with the road giving you access to the beach wherever you want.

For something a little more secluded you could try La Albufereta which is an intimate beach near to a residential area and a stretch of sand protected by the Serra Grossa headland.

If you are staying in the centre of the city itself then you may be looking for an urban beach nearer to your lodgings. El Postiguet perfectly fits the bill, on the shoreline of the city at the foot of Mount Benacantil. Near to the port, you can easily watch the ferries heading in and out to other destinations along the Mediterranean Sea while you swim.

Another urban beach called los Saladares is south of the city in an area known as Agua Amarga. There are rocky areas if you prefer a beach with less sand at the Cabo de las Huertas; the beach not only a rugged rocky area as it has small mostly hidden coves such as los Cantarales, los Judios and Palmera.

No Spanish region is complete without the nudist beaches and Alicante is no different.

Nudity is not illegal in Spain and there are nudist beaches on almost every part of the coastline, although they tend to be more secluded areas and the option to wear or not wear clothes is entirely down to you. At Alicante the nudists are catered for at El Saladar and Los Judios so if you go to either of those beaches you have been warned.

Of course when it comes to beaches the Spanish are quick to utilize the area for water sports and on each beach there is always something for the big and small kid in the family.

For the best in underwater experiences and for scuba divers everywhere, the Isle of Tabarca comes highly recommended. Not too far from your ALICANTE VILLAS, the island is approximately 12 kilometres south east of Alicante and the waters surrounding the isle are all part of a national park and a protected zone.

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