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In the end, Purkiss fell on his sword in seeing Taylor out, but the chief executive remains in power.

There are too many stories to mention, but Taylor has long had his naysayers in the game – and he will not have won over any armchair fans this week.

In an interview with Sportsmail in 2018, he revealed to us how they have £50m in the bank but dedicated just £100,000 to dementia in football.

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The then 33-year-old with a degree in economics said his first aim was to tidy up tackling. He wanted to have an immediate impact and get his name known.

*I’ll go, but only once this independent review into my organisation is completed and a successor has been found – oh, and I’m taking Ben Purkiss with me.

When the Premier League was formed in 1992, it was reported Taylor’s salary jumped from £82,000 to more than £200,000.

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Sportsmail columnist Chris Sutton, whose father Mike is a former pro and suffering from dementia, and the family of the late former England international Jeff Astle, long campaigned for that research and felt no joy in the confirmation of a link.

In these times of hardship due to the coronavirus, that golden handshake in which Bruce Buck arranged for each club to hand him £250,000 seems even more grotesque.

That same year, English football threatened to go on strike because Taylor wanted a bigger share of television money for his union. He got his wish eventually.

In the question of who is football’s fattest cat, a few might say Richard Scudamore, the former Premier League chief executive who received that infamous £5m farewell gift.

In 2001, there was even talk of the PFA having its own dedicated channel on the Sky network which would allow Taylor to have the last word.

So for now, Taylor will sit tight in that office of his, seemingly playing puppet-master to members.

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