3 Annual Gatherings For Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour In Canada

Running from Monday, July 30th to Sunday, August 5th, the 20th incarnation of the multidisciplinary LGBT festival features a wide variety of live music, DJs, films and art that “celebrate the value of diversity in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and openness with the world”. The two outdoor main stages have moved from their usual home in the Village to the Old Port’s Quai Jacques-Cartier. Behind the agit-prop and the harrowing political drama lies an elegy to Uganda’s gay rights hero, David Kato, who was beaten to death halfway through principal shooting in 2011. “We are consumed by these people’s story, perhaps even a little more than we would like to have been,” the documentarians admitted, reflecting on the intimacy with which they treated their film’s subjects, and their responsibility to promote the Ugandan LGBT cause.

Social media algorithms are the focus of my PhD research, yet I didn’t notice my own algorithmic bias. Personally I circulate stories that my friends would read – Asian solidarity with Black protests, www.ada-x.org queer zoom party links, dystopic self-reporting app conspiracies. This one day festival at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre has food, dance, martial arts performances, and lots of Japanese goods for sale.

Montgolfières De St Jean Sur Richelieu Balloon Festival

Ayanna Blackwas a fierce defender of Black Canadian culture and its production and dissemination. She believed we as Black Canadians have stories to tell about ourselves and relentlessly created spaces in which we could celebrate our joys. Although eyewitness accounts cite black, trans activist Marsha P. Johnson as the instigator of the riot, the trailer for Stonewall seems to give a fictional, white, cisgender character named Danny with a key role in starting the riots. UN/FREEZE is a 3-D installation that Kama La Mackerel created in November 2016 through an interactive 3-hour durational performance piece.

Qouleur Festival

In 2008, Kama moved to Canada where they completed an MA in Theory, Culture and Politics at Trent University while training in physical theatre with Theatre Korzenie. My life’s work emerges from a concern for justice and an imperative to heal from colonial pasts. I reimagine and reformulate languages of the self in order to offer “a countermemory, for the future” .

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Wilhelm has previously worked as an independent strategist, advising executive teams at organizations such as Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the National Arts Centre, City of Toronto Economic Development and Culture, and the National Gallery of Canada. Between 2016 and 2018, Wilhelm was Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Canadian Heritage on complex files in television, digital media, broadcasting, film and news media. She has a BA in Literature and Art History from Queen’s University and a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Toronto. Joan is the inaugural Executive Director of the Black Screen Office where she works to support Black Canadians in developing talent, accessing funding, and in assuming decision-making roles in television, film and digital media. She fosters relationships with federal funding agencies, broadcasters and distributors to eliminate anti-Black racism in the screen industries.

  • He has co-authored editorials, briefing notes to the House of Commons, and created digital content for the CGO and WIPO Monitor.
  • Building on our analytical framework, we conclude by offering recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders to begin to address the algorithmic regulation of culture.
  • Left mostly alone in an LA apartment, Bene can only contemplate his impending death, sing odd songs only vaguely related to the plot at large and find some way to escape the approaching “SSN”.
  • As the go-to person for coordination of the project, Elisha was a responsive and highly effective administrator and point person, helping us stay on track even when the track was a moving target from time to time.

The varied works and strategies deployed by the five Concordia students presented here, feature diverse voices that critique narrative as a “discursive reproduction of power, abuse and social inequality.”” Rather, they express negotiations of the struggle to articulate cultural identities. The Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group is proud the group exhibition Canada 389, featuring the work of four artists who engage with complexities of commemoration, race and ethnocultural representation in Canada. This exhibition seeks to expand our understanding of diversity and national identity by addressing histories of inclusion and exclusion in the realm of what constitutes the nation state in the public imaginary. Artists selected to perform in the Duration & Dialogue II Performance Arts Festival will be paid a small honorarium for their participation. All production costs are the responsibility of the artists; however, the gallery will offer its resources as available. The aim of this issue is to draw out the potential for creatively re-imagining the maternal found in performance and to locate the maternal within the discipline of performance studies. This issue builds on the three research gatherings convened by Šimić and Underwood-Lee that took place at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire and University of South Wales in spring 2016.

Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture

They advocate notably for body diversity, challenging gender norms, ceasing to gender the beauty industry, countering transmisogyny and systemic racism. She has partnered with many celebrities over the years such as Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert on a variety of projects, such as music videos and LGBTQ+ activism. In 2016, she was detained in Dubai for being a transgender woman, despite her passport saying “F”.

Qouleur Festival

despite the vast difference between the my own lived experiences and that of bell hooks, i felt a powerful vindication in her words. i, too, knew what it was like to wish for bloody vengeance against the people benefited from structures of power that casually and viciously oppressed me. and all around me, young, queer people of colour seemed to be wishing the same. as movements like Occupy, the Quebec Student Strike, and Idle No More were born over the past few years, it seemed to me that a community of us was awakening isolated slumber into a dazzling moment of shared anger. Last week local Montreal collective Qouleur hosted a one week festival featuring screenings, workshops, and an art exhibit for the LGBTTQ community. The collective aims to celebrate and provide space to radicalized queer identities and experiences. The Qouleur festival kicks off this weekend with ten days of art, performance, lectures and fundraisers to celebrate the LGBTTQ and Two-Spirit people of colour. Her research and community activities have been primarily with Caribbean populations in the Northeast, particularly Puerto Ricans residing in New York City and Connecticut. She has served on several advisory boards and executive committees in various organizations more recently working with the Center for Lesbian and Gays Studies and the Center for the Elimination of Health Disparities among Latinos in Connecticut .

Mcgill University New Alumni

By using visionary fiction as a blueprint for cosmic liberation, these futurisms are revolutionary acts of resistance to the whitewashing of western media. The impulse is no different from the current widespread use of Occupy Movement’s imperative to “take up space” on sites of tension to demand change. Occupy Spacetaps into other-worldly imaginaries to address the social reality of Canadian diversity.

I explore ancestral loss— as the loss of bodies, histories, cultures, languages, genders, knowledge systems and spiritual practices— in order to rewrite the marginalized and silenced voice in contemporary contexts of global imperialism. I draw from the past to interrupt the present, and offer possibilities of being for future, as a “reacquisition of power to create one’s own i-mage” . Kama has exhibited and performed their work internationally and their writing in English, French and Kreol has appeared in publications both online and in print. ZOM-FAM, their debut poetry collection published by Metonymy Press was named a CBC Best Poetry Book, a Globe and Mail Best Debut, and was a finalist for the QWF Concordia University First Book Award and the Writers’ Trust of Canada Dayne Ogilvie Prize for Emerging LGBTQ2S+ Writers. Every winter since 1970, Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg’s French quarter, is transformed into a winter paradise and becomes host to the largest winter festival in Western Canada.

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