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Barcelona were too slow and ponderous to exploit this, but Lyon are a different animal. They have quick thinkers in midfield and in Maxwel Cornet, Memphis Depay and Moussa Dembele they have a trio of fast, mobile players who will run up and down in those channels.

Lyon have the players in midfield who can play their way out of Bayern’s counter-press, the unflappable Houssem Aouar at the forefront of this. Aouar’s passing range, ability to run with the ball from deep and his temperament have gained admirers from across Europe.

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Flick has had Bayern employing a high defensive line and it offers plenty of space in behind. City offered a similar amount of grass in behind their back three on Saturday night, and Lyon found great success from knocking simple balls into that space.

Bayern are unlikely to change their own way of playing and so will offer their own, already well-constructed style. Despite their thrashing of Barca last week, there were moments where that could have been exploited.

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Lyon matched up Man City’s surprise lineup in the quarter-finals, and though they could change the system, why change a winning system? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Should he err, then Lyon could be in trouble. They will be walking on a tightrope across the 90 minutes.

He will be central to Lyon’s attempts to disrupt Bayern’s counter-pressing game. If he can stay calm in this environment, keep the courage to keep playing then he can make those quick releases into the space left by Bayern’s high line.

But in the chaos of a one-off 90-minute knockout match, Lyon’s chances are better than in a two-legged tie. They’ve proven that.

Lyon’s game plan proved simple but effective against Manchester City. Get the first goal, stick with what we’ve got. Though that came unstuck thanks to Kevin De Bruyne’s fine equaliser, they simply returned to that plan at 1-1.

Having effectively played dead for much of the second half they were then right back in the faces of Man City, and richly deserved the two late goals that sealed the tie.

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