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We find that many areas of federal regulation and governance are increasingly mediated by digital platforms. We note growing numbers of meetings and involvements between foreign digital platforms and government officials. We see that platforms provide knowledge to government that is required to regulate or govern . We find that platforms influence regulations, or play a role in regulation, beyond simple lobbying. The leading reform agenda has arguably emerged from the European Union through the proposed Digital Services Act. The Act requires specified platforms to outline “the main parameters of their recommender system are and the options for users to modify or influence those parameters” . Australia has also embraced some sort of enforced transparency through its News Media Bargaining Code.

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In June, they will be showing a series of black and white portraits displaying the scrutinized bodies of “Fat, Queers”. They are currently working on a revenge film screenplay about nonbinary surgery, and a self-portrait series about white supremacy and domestic violence. Sharmi Basu is currently an MFA student at Mills College in the Electronic Music and Recording Arts department. Born in Oakland and raised in the Bay Area, she attempts to catalyze a political, yet ethereal aesthetic through combining her anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics with a commitment to spirituality within the arts. Beast Nest, Sharmi’s primary performing project, utilizes an unwavering depression & restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits. While simultaneously clearing and entering, the sewage pipes of the body and the patriarchy congeal into watery soundscapes as a vehicle for achieving liberation through the darkest of fears. If users want to be visible, pianoteachertoronto.com social media trains them to articulate even intimate statements like commercials, following the principles of supply and demand. These principles then determine how stories circulate, and this influences mainstream press priorities.

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The article explicates the semantic deployment of the term platform in the national development policies generally and the specific manifestations in the policies and praxis of ride-hailing and food-delivery services – two of the fastest growing sectors in China’s platform economy. The study contextualises the framework and rationale behind the governmental promotion of the platform economy in the state’s long-term efforts to be part of the global digital capitalism. It also charts the persistent and shifting struggles facing workers in the new socio-technical and economic landscape in which digital platforms play a crucial role. The article demonstrates how the characterization of digital platforms as participatory infrastructures for jobs takes precedence in contemporary China. Juxtaposing policies with praxis, it is argued that the mirage of participation conceals an emerging digital infrastructure of distribution to the disadvantage of the workers, which may eventually undermine the development agenda.

Amber was previously employed as Programme Coordinator for Turtle Island Conservation at the Toronto Zoo where her work was focused on community outreach and education, and integrating traditional and western science in her approach to conservation and stewardship. She also currently volunteers for the ‘Memory, Meaning Making and Collections’ project which provides First Nations seniors in downtown Toronto with opportunities to interact with material collections. Though in 2012, Queer City Cinema expanded to include a separate performance art festival, municipal funding was slashed from $20,000 in 2013 to $6,000 in 2014. Varro turned to TD Canada Trust in 2013 to help fill the funding gap, but the bank’s support remains dwarfed by the festival’s 10 public sponsors. “The ascent of the Multicultural Act marks the temporal starting point of this project. doctoral research points to the fact that the early 1990s saw an increase in the production and presentation activities of black artists and curators as a result of increased funding from arts councils as they adopted the tenets of the legislation.

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Far from cooling down this process, the Quebec City mosque massacre seems to have propelled this hateful discourse, normalizing it in the public imagination. Politicians and sensationalistic columnists are not innocent in perpetuating this toxic atmosphere. These opportunistic pyromaniacs are fanning the flames of intolerance, while at the same time ignoring the growing violence of the far-right in Quebec. He graduated in Communication and the Arts of the Body at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. In 2009 he established the dance collective Núcleo de Garagem with the focus in investigating the urban space as a place for artistic and poetic creation. He has been practicing Aikido for 11 years and organising trainings and courses with national and international performing artists at the Sala Crisantempo in São Paulo.

  • Now almost five-years since the issue was published, many of the ideas presented require revisiting.
  • Fizza Kulvi is a PhD candidate at McMaster University exploring the networked governance of communication and media.
  • In her role as Executive Director at SOCAN Foundation, she established many programs such as the Creative Entrepreneur Incubator and Equity X Production Development Program which prepares artists to turn their passion and talent into a sustainable career.
  • “Even when we look at something as static and as completely spatial as a picture,” author H.

Your friends and neighbours, or even yourself, can open a restaurant for a day and showcase your cooking talents. Food is priced by the people who sell it and there are not only tasty dishes, but they’re often so unbelievably cheap. Concerts with Yannick STrawinski, El Hispalis, Faza, and Syzmon Szanczuk Band and more. A celebration of Eastern culture, the Orientalys is a free festival at the Old Port. Music by El Dey, Raina Rai, among others, as well as dance performances showcase the variety and talent of the Middle East. The festival of electronic music, Ile Soniq brings the EDM for two more days of dancing on the little island that can. despite all of the struggles in my life, i could always have chosen a different route.

اقرأ المزيد

اقرأ المزيد

The length of time Do You Pay Home Loan Insurance Policy On An FHA Finance?

Several property owners are confused about the distinction in between PMI (personal mortgage insurance coverage) as well as mortgage security insurance coverage. This day is when the finance is scheduled to reach 78% of the initial assessed value or sales price is gotten to, whichever is much less, based upon the initial amortization schedule for

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