20 Transfeminine People To Know

Karen’s research is published in venues including the International Journal of Communication, Surveillance & Society and Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Iris Richer is a PhD Candidate in Law at the Université Laval (Québec, Canada). She holds a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Rennes and a Law Master’s degree in Fundamental Rights from the Université Laval.

Qouleur Festival

The roundtable will also consider the recent development of various codes of practice and principles for algorithmic transparency and digital and data literacy, http://kidscampuschildcare.com/ from a range of stakeholders, including government and civil society in Canada, the EU and UK. The roundtable will conclude with ideas for best practices for integrating algorithmic literacy into digital literacy education, especially from a human rights perspective. It proposes a new feminist media theory of the platform that positions the platform as a media object that elevates and amplifies some voices over others and renders marginal resistance tactics illegible. I introduce the term “Platform Feminism” to describe an emerging view of digital platforms as always-already politically useful media for feminist empowerment. I argue that Platform Feminism has come to structure and dominate popular imaginaries of what a feminist politics is.

Why Participate? An Intersectional Analysis Of Lgbtq People Of Color Activism In Canada

Art is a powerful form of story‐telling – sharing, learning, giving pleasure – an instinct and practice as old as humanity. We have a supportive team in place, so artists should not hesitate to submit their credentials even if they have not previously completed a public art commission. For this issue we are seeking contributions that will address maternal aesthetics, ethics, politics, labour and care, as well as questions of inter/trans/subjectivity. In particular, ‘On the Maternal’ seeks to open up new ways of thinking, seeing and feeling the maternal in and through performance practices. I am fascinated by educational systems, both governmental but also grassroots education that is initiated and organized by communities. Foreign schools provided a good avenue to pursue this interest because while they provided a way to narrow down the scope of educational institutions in a city, they were varied in the ways that they functioned.

  • Guy T. Hoskins is a doctoral candidate at York University and a course instructor at Ryerson and Royal Roads Universities.
  • The fashion and design items for sale are a good reason to head down and see what’s happening at the Quartier des Spectacles and pick something up by a local designer.
  • We bring cross-disciplinary perspectives to enable policy and language analysis.
  • It is multi-sited ethnographic research following the lives and experiences of Iranian queers throughout their asylum-seeking migrations and in different geographical sites.

Her research interests include population health, population-based risk tools to support public health planning and public health policy. Notably, Dr. Rosella was recently awarded the Brian MacMahon Early Career Epidemiology Award by the Society for Epidemiologic Research and was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Pitos Waskochepayis, a one-day two-spirited film and media arts festival organized by the Indigenous Peoples’ Artist Collective and curated by Varro, has occurred every year for the last five years without a single corporate sponsor.

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The conference will culminate in a plenary discussion facilitated by Tamara Shepherd and Dana Cramer . This discussion will result in a collection of policy recommendations, to be compiled by Shepherd and Cramer, emerging from the panels and keynote presentations. Amazon’s Twitch.tv is a gaming-oriented, online live-streaming platform that enable users to broadcast/stream themselves playing video games and interact with viewers for free and in real-time. Twitch is branded as an interest-specific alternative to traditional broadcast media, catering to niche audiences centered around video games and e-sports. Like any software, XAI systems will increasingly exist as a population, with future versions preferentially based on particular versions of XAIs under use in the previous generation.

Qouleur Festival

اقرأ المزيد

اقرأ المزيد

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